“There is something transcendent about original paintings, particularly in the age of reproduction . For me an original painting carries with it the moment of its creation, as if the air in the room and the breath of the artist has been trapped by the paint and stored on the canvas. It pleases me to think that the seventeenth century is infused into Vermeer’s View of Delft or that the leaves of Van Gough’s Sunflowers reached up into the nineteenth century, trapped the atmosphere, and preserved it in his graceful use of impasto.  I am particularly fond of early Illustration art — created, as it was, with no expectation of greatness — because each painting is imbued with narrative.” (Kevin Alexander Boon)

Based on a turn-of-the-century soap ad.
Based on another turn-of-the-century ad.
Painting of me painting a painting of painters Charles Dickinson and Debbie Boon painting a painting of a boat. There use to be a dragon in the sky and like an idiot I painted over it when people complained.
Repro of a pulp magazine cover.
Repro of a pulp magazine cover.

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