Absolute Zero
Fort Schuyler Press, 1999

Jesus vs. The Zombies of Perdition
Alexander Press, 2004

Short Stories

“The Angels of Marie Fontaine.” read

EIL: Escape into Life   2011
Pushcart Prize Nominee
“As the Day Would Quake.”

The Undead III: Flesh Feast Permuted Press   2007
“Last Rites.”

Sandhill Review   1995
“Mrs. Mallory’s Mummified Dog.” read

Lullwater Review 6.2   1995
Reprinted in White Mule. (1995): 24-31.
“My Father’s Wings.” read

The Ecphorizer: A Mensa Magazine of Literature and Ideas 89    1994
Reprinted (December 2000).
“Hole in the Heart of the Hollow.”

Omnibus   1991

Tabula Rasa 2.2    1991
“Echoes from the Primum Mobile.”

 Tampa Bay Review 2.2  1990

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